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Did you know that there are weekly protests in many Palestinian villages?  For years, villages such as Bi'Ilin have gathered to peacefully march along the illegal border wall placed by israel (Read Here) .  For years, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force often called IOF for Israeli Occupation Force) disrupt these protests with rubber tipped bullets, tear gas, a vile concoction called "skunk" and live ammo.  The IDF will also break through barriers to enter the area and arrest individuals.  Amateur and professional media people are very likely to be assaulted and their equipment confiscated and destroyed. Still, week after week, the non-violent activists persist.

While there have been sporadic solidarity protests around the world, and special actions such as The BOATS To GAZA, also dubbed The Flotilla, we are asking for a minimum four month commitment to engaging daily, weekly or whatever any group is capable of organizing in non-violent actions in protest of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.  A call has gone out to all activists...from ANONYMOUS to OCCUPY to BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and more and to INDIVIDUALS everywhere for ideas to create a minimum 4 month campaign ...JUNE, JULY. AUGUST & SEPTEMBER ...of non-stop activism around the world against Israel' illegal occupation of Palestine ...effectively drawing a symbolic HUMAN BLOCKADE around Israel through targeting any Israeli-Zionist entity, British-Zionist entity, or US-Zionist entity..(or any other Zionist entity) for non-violent protest actions.  

Some great ideas have been passed on and while some cannot be listed here, a selection of those that can be listed are:

1.  Get copies of Tears of Gaza , 5 Broken Cameras and other films and project them on the sides of Zionist buildings.  Set up sheets in parks and project.  Project wherever feasible.  Move from site to site.  Try cloud shows if possible. We are aware that there are now a number of vans outfitted and ready to carry out such an action.  If possible, contact us and let us know your itinerary.  If you know any of these groups with vans, please have them notify us asap of their willingness to join.

2.  Make plastic "walls" around Zionist entities.  Make it appear hard for Zionists to enter their buildings, park their cars, etc. but do not block their ingress or egress. Make high walls to simulate the walls around Palestinian villages.  Educate the public about your action.

3.  Cover kosher sections in supermarts with plastic, duct tape or what ever and post "STOP ISRAELI ZIONIST APARTHEID...FREE PALESTINE!" or something similar.  (We consider this a questionable action...See disclaimer at bottom)  You can also paste small stickers on the products in these sections. It is suggested that you park cars in supermart lots, erect large signs and make sure the driver is in the store "shopping" should any store personnel approach.  Candidates for office do this regularly.  They have workers enter store, browse for an hour or so and leave with a bit of something purchased. Then leave and come back an hour or so later after hitting the next mart.

4.  IMPORTANT!  Gain Union support to freeze shipping, docking and unloading of Israeli goods.  You must follow the registries and find out which vessels are doing so.  Israel uses dummy ships and ships without Israeli markings.

5.  Hold open air demonstrations, workshops and in and outdoor seminars to educate the public about Zionist Israeli Apartheid.  Do not engage with hecklers at any point.  Just keep going with your efforts.  No confrontations. Let the Zionist lackeys show what fools they are.

6.  Target Congress members and Senate members at their homes and offices.  Use the plastic barriers to "blockade " them.  Again, do not block their actual ingress or egress. 

7.  Hang banners from bridges..OCCUPY PITTSBURGH knows how to get the job done right!

8.  Confuse and confound the police at every opportunity.  Announce a demonstration/occupation/etc for a certain day and time.  Watch for police activity and let your network know if a plan B or plan C is to be enacted.  These plans can be setting up at an entirely different location or on an entirely different day.  Plan, organize, network, act!

9.  Feed stories to media that potential violence will take place at a demonstration. Let them find you in orange jumpsuits with black head bags and handcuffed to each other, seated with signs..or similar non-violent protest.  It seems the media only gets interested when there is a hint of bloodletting.

10.  Pick areas of your town and knock on doors.  Hand papers to homeowners with a first page stating they are being evicted, their home is to be torn down, they have 24 hrs to comply and they will be charged demolition costs.  Make sure you inform them this is just a form of educating them about how Palestinians have been treated for decades.  "Hi!  This is not a real notice.  We ask that you consider how you would feel if it were real..."  Make sure the second and subsequent pages are informative.

11.  It was suggested that the above be done at synagogues and businesses and even the JDL and AIPAC, etc offices.  (Imagine their reactions!)

12.  OCCUPY, OCCUPY, OCCUPY!!!  Simple enough.. we know how this is done.

13.  Use theater techniques.  One suggestion is to have people dressed in regular clothes but all wearing Palestine flag armbands.  Others are dressed as IDF (You know what these scum look like) who are marching the banded people toward a mock concentration camp with gallows and chambers etc.

14.  Post "This Road is Jewish Only" road signs around town and maybe even set up mock barackades and checkpoints.  These can be roving actions.


These are but a few of the many creative actions recommended to us since we put out the call.  Use creativity, imagination, boldness and daring.  IT IS TIME TO PUT AN END TO THE ILLEGAL ACTIONS WHICH HAVE BEEN OVERLOOKED FOR FAR TOO LONG. IT IS TIME TO PUT A HUMAN BLOCKADE AROUND THE ZIONIST ISRAEL!  IT IS TIME TO ACT DECISIVELY, GLOBALLY TO FREE PALESTINE!!    

Did you know that US taxpayers pay Israel to buy US weapons...Makes sense, right???  US taxpayers support Israeli Apartheid and wars whether they want to or not.  Seems fair, right??? NOT!!! Did you know that far too many US Congressmen and Senators spend their time and your money writing legislation to further finance and support Israel and that they get donations to their campaigns from the lobbies that work for Israel?  Did you know that in 1967 Israel purposely destroyed a US Naval, vessel (USS LIBERTY) and that the US gov't did nothing about it except hide the truth about it... and still supports Israel to the tune of billions of $$$$'s?

All we ask is that, if you logistically can, inform us of your activities or desire to create or partake in activities.  We would love to begin seeing creative art work, too!!  Send your notices to: [email protected]  We will post them on both this site (Up Coming Actions) and our blog Palestina Summer (after review...gotta be careful). 

Please spread the word about PALESTINE SUMMER...DARKNESS OVER ISRAEL, about this site, and how to contact us. 

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SPREAD THE WORD..JUNE, JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER..and longer because a hot summer leads to a beautiful Fall (get it?!)