Palestine Summer


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Right off the bat, I will let it be known that this writer is of Russian Jewish heritage (and Greek).  Both of my Grandfathers escaped their respective countries to avoid the terrible abuses and atrocities of Hitler's Eugenic cadres.  To talk about what is now happening in Palestine (and has been happening since directly after the Holocaust) is by no means Anti-Semitism.  The absurdity of such a claim rests both in that when we speak of those who oppress our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we speak about a select group of historically violent Jewish people known as Zionists who have controlled Israel for decades ...and that the Palestinians are, in fact, we are no more against Jewish people as a whole as we are certainly not against Palestinians.  We will readily admit that there are subsets of Palestinians who are inherently corrupt and violent as well.

We are individuals and groups of concerned and compassionate people who have had enough of the political games that have now been played for over 60 years regarding the lives of our friends, the People of Palestine. Israel has spent all those years promoting to the world how it's people were abused in the Holocaust. We make no claims to deny this and many of us had relatives who were either killed or survived that brutal period of history and it was not Jewish Europeans and Russians alone who were dealt death blows by Hitler.  Greeks, Poles, Slavs, Gypsys and more were encamped, tortured, raped, had their children kidnapped and sold into servitude, maimed and murdered. This writer had 2 teachers in Junior High School who had the numbers branded upon their arms and they were not Jewish. 

However, since the parcel of land designated by England to become Israel was turned over to groups of Jewish people from all around Europe and Russia, a group who had no genuine connection to that land, these people have turned not only against the British who handed them the parcel but the people who for hundreds of years had lived side by side in harmony with the Bedouin, Hebrew and Christians and who had a true connection with that land, Since that day, they have embarked upon a pogrom against the Palestinian people in a concerted effort to take every bit of land away from them ...and after chasing out 10's of thousands and killing so many more took it upon themselves to blockade their land , deny them access to their own air space and water and deprive them of land to grow their crops and raise their animals, . And year after year, they continue to kill more, ignore every resolution brought by the UN, every report by International Human Rights committees, build illegal settlements in violation of international law, illegally blockade the Palestinian lands and waters and air, and continued to encroach upon them.

If the People of Palestine dare to protest, they are arrested and imprisoned without charges or with mostly trumped up charges or they are shot and often killed. Children are kidnapped, tortured and murdered by these Zionists, as they have so named themselves, women have been refused medical services and were forced to give birth on the dirt and in the presence of sadistic guards who man the gates in the walls Israel has built around Palestine.

Roads have been built which circle villages ... roads which only Jews are allowed to travel upon, effectively cutting those villages off from the rest of Palestine. If they dare to rebel with their most abundant weapons known as stones, they are gassed, shot, maimed and killed or arrested and tortured. When heaven forbid one of their crude bottle rockets lands anywhere near an Israeli town (very rarely hitting anything but land or water and even more rarely harming anyone, Israel pounces upon Gaza with the full force of its tanks, boats, jets, rockets, missiles and bombs...killing thousands of Palestinians and destroying their homes and businesses which are thinly held together with mostly found and re-purposed materials since Israel controls all the food and material going in to Gaza and lets virtually no trade come out.

Israel has become the animal it once tried to fend off. Israel is now the modern day version of Eugenic cadres which formed Hitler's army and government. Now it is a Zionist Israel that announces how lowly the Arabs and Africans are and the "goyim"..good only to serve the Jews and no loss if killed.

In the mainstream media, if a Jew gets a sliver it is news yet if a settler runs over a child and races off never to be sought and tried, that story is no where to be found.  Researchers have studied the media and discovered that for every hundred stories about life in Israel or the past history of the Jewish people there are zero stories about the Palestinian people and their past 60 plus years of hardships and their present hardships.  For every 1000 stories about the Jewish people and Israel their might be one single story about Palestinians... and it is usually a negative story about a rocket from Gaza landing in the open on the outskirts of a nearby Israel city.  Even in skirmishes between Palestine and Israel, the death tolls speak loudly about who is the larger threat.  For every Jewish soldier injured or killed, hundreds, even thousands of Palestinians are injured and killed , their homes and businesses destroyed, hospitals and schools and more. The numbers of children killed in such skirmishes is beyond any sense of decency,  Worse, Israeli soldiers target children.. there is abundant video and photo evidence of this.  It is undeniable. In America, this is not news.  President Obama's visit to Israel where he comments about how good the matza tastes (really?) is what we are allowed to see and hear.

For decades, the game of "Peace Talks" has been played with Israel and with the US, its major partner in all crimes acting as a neutral party. That in itself is a slap in the face to the rest of the world. Year after year Israel has made conditions for peace that no sovereign nation would ever accept and they blame the breakdown of talks on the Palestinians. Despite promises to cease building settlements to accommodate the peace effort, Israel lies and builds anyway. Zionist Israel has not abided by a single truce or promise that it has ever made and it feels no guilt or shame because it feels that all others ..non-Jews.. are beneath them and not to be regarded in any way. Watch this BBC documentary (4 parts) to gain some insight into the fanatical views of Zionists: Louis Theroux and Ultra Zionists

We are tired of the games, tired of the lies and deceit, tired of US and British complicity in massive crimes against humanity, massive violations of Human Rights, massive violations of International Law. We are tired of our friends being maimed and murdered, of their homes being destroyed, of their crops, and water being destroyed...and this is only touching the very surface of their criminal activities. We are fed up and are doing something about it. We are banding together globally to exercise our power against the beast that is Zionist Israel. We are forming a HUMAN BARRICADE around Israel to symbolically choke it off from the rest of the world. Hundreds of different tactics will be used to non-violently protest Israel in any and every way possible. Please join us in PALESTINESUMMER...DARKNESS OVER ISRAEL, Four months (JUNE, JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER) of non-stop action to insure Israel gets our message and frees Palestine once and for all.  Send in your pledges of solidarity, your scheduled activities, your articles and photos and videos. Send us artwork and ideas for action. We will help others looking to join & form groups find you. 

Khan Yunes Gaza Palestine