Palestine Summer


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I ACKNOWLEDGE APARTHEID EXISTS and I PLEDGE TO MARCH JULY 27/28.  The phrase "I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists is from  A wonderful site with posters from numerous celebrities, Palestinians, Israelis and others who openly acknowledge that Israel promotes programs of apartheid against Palestinians, Arabs and Africans. 

The Palestine Summer-Darkness Over Israel 4 month campaign of action has set aside July 27 and 28 as days of Global Marches against Apartheid in an effort to keep the momentum going from the earlier March demonstrations in Boston and numerous other cities and University campuses around the globe.  Palestine Summer expects seasoned coordinators to demonstrate their skills in organizing marches and demonstrations which ideally will take place through city centers arriving at Israeli Embassies.  Palestine Summer also encourages anyone and everyone to step forward and organize actions even in those areas that do not host embassies.  Don't hang on the sides waiting for leaders...Become one!!  Get in touch with others who have started protests and marches in your area and gather knowledge and ideas on how to form your own.

We are very happy to announce that our first pledged march comes from newly emerged leaders on the Oregon Coast and we hope to soon be posting their itinerary.

Be bold and creative.  Utilize area artists to make visible signs and banners.  Organize pre-march meetings to discuss safety and non-violence. Go to ACLU websites for info on responding to police. Insure that all have contacts for media, attorneys, friends if needed.  Learn how to counteract pepper spray. Advertise and network your efforts widely to gather as many supporters/marchers as possible.  Do not become disheartened if only a handful join you.  Know that every effort you make is big.  Send us write ups, pictures and videos to post here. 
Use these guidelines and tips to train your marchers/activists:

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