Palestine Summer


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SPITTING SEEDS... From Your Mouth to the Earth

SPITTING SEEDS is a euphemism for getting the word out and planting seeds of  thought.  In this forum, invited writers, authors, bloggers and others contribute their thoughts, beliefs and convictions on the subject of Palestine and the Middle East.  This is a liberation website dedicated to freedom for the enduring peoples of Palestine and a return to the land brutally stolen from them by an out of control Israel. 

We are looking for original articles but will reprint when pertinent.  Unfortunately, we are not able to compensate contributors beyond the space allotted.  Please adhere to all common rules for publication and give citations where appropriate.  Any articles shown to be plagiarized, defamatory or slanderous will be removed without warning, Where question arises, we will discuss with the authors and move foreword from that point.  Unless specifically noted, reprinting of these articles in any form is allowed as long as due respect is given the author and this site.